Monday, 3 January 2011

Train Journey with a Young Girl

{The below incident is just my interpretation as it is impossible to get one's mind unless he or she speaks the truth.}
           Sometimes back , I was travelling by train in sleeper class where I shared the compartment with 3 male students studying in 3rd year engineering in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and a very young girl working in paramilitary force (not officer rank as I can remember). Although not very beautiful, she looked confident with a jeans & top and also looked as of same age with the male students.
            Just after hi-hellos with all of them, I went to the side berth to relax and I was noticing all of them . The boys , of course being brilliant and superior students were busy among themselves discussing studies giving little importance to the girl ,which can be understood by the attitudes of the boys. But since the girl was travelling alone, after sometime one of the boys initiated talking with her and others also got introduced one by one. After sometime spending with the girl the boys again became busy among themselves giving little importance to the girl. But after this there is a sudden change in the attitudes of the girl. She started initiating talks with the boys. Her conversations mostly included how some males were after her and how even she slapped many of them to teach them a lesson etc etc. She said "ladka jab tak kharab nahi hota hai, ladki tab tak haath nehi uthati hai" (means- a girl never hits any boy unless the boy is bad). As I was noticing them, there was no any such matter among them.Then ,why did the girl start those talkings ? Did she want special treatment from the boys ? The 3 students were  not giving too much importance to me also. But, I never took it seriously.
            On reaching home, I felt the 3 male students never discriminated between the girl and me (a boy). But it is the actions & demands of women that make men believe women should have special treatment. But since they want special treatment ,they must be either inferior or superior to men. If women really want equalization then why they seek special treatment ?

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