Monday, 3 January 2011


Work-place :-
1.         Some women holding superior positions in office give some unwelcome sexual comments and also touch unwelcomely their male subordinates.

2.         Some women dress in some unwelcome manner such as revealing & short clothes ,attract men sexually and cause harassment . However, in a democratic country men and women should wear whatever they like but dress code should be there. Proper dress for proper environment.

In General:-
3.         A very beautiful girl once said that she only talked to those males who had some interest for her. That means one must keep some interest for her if he wants to talk to such a girl. Again, sexual harassment of men if they do not have some interest for her.

4.      Some women enjoy the flirtations of their male friends. Only when the male friend feels it is now safe to propose to such a woman after flirtations and also proposes after that the woman lets him know that she already has a boyfriend. This is another sexual harassment. Why didn't the woman tell that she had a boyfriend when the flirtations started ? Men like sex & women shouldn't pretend that they don't know it .It is another sexual harassment.
5.      Sometimes girls flirt with other guys in front of their boyfriends just to inspire jealousy. May be it is because she felt underappreciated or she just had a big fight with her boyfriend. This is another such a sexual harassment. It is also emotional harassment when the boy truely loves the girl.
6.        Some women show their cleavage & panty upper border in public places & cause sexual harassment to men .
There are many such examples besides these six. But some men & women think such harassments as favours made to men by women. There are many men who think them as not favours but harassments.Besides females sometimes males also sexually harass other males in some similar manners

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