Monday, 3 January 2011


Spend sometime and watch the video of the link below.

Why did it happen ?

Adultery is committed by both men & women. If you think adultery is committed by men only then check the crime reporter. Women are no less. They also commit adultery like men do. Still then, can any commercial dare to show  bashing of adulterous women by men in a similar manner ?

The answer is 'No'.

Then ,why is it such ?

Now, the answer to this question is 'misandry'. Since misandry is present in society, it allows  bashing of men as social service.

Next, how did misandry come to our society ?

The answer is  feminist organizations spreaded it & then the media. Just look at those card carrying feminists crying rapes, molestations, sexual harassments etc. by men. Look at the media how they sensationalise such news. You can very well notice when such statistics of rapes, molestations, sexual harassments etc. are presented they are always the number of complaints received and not by the number of convictions. So, irrespective of the genuineness of the cases, the statistics get bloated and then these bloated statistics are used to justify male bashing. When a complaint of rape is received the media happily bashes the male gender with headlines/breaking news. But when the same complaint is proven false or the complainant backs off or refuses to undergo medical tests ,why doesn't the media make any breaking news/headlines ?

Only a very small portion of males commit such crimes. But in such a case females are also not behind in committing such crimes.
Link to another video, which raises question about the modesty of men is..... 

Now, look at the next video where innocent men are publicly bashed just because of that they didn't have any other option but to enter the women only  coach just because of some practical constraints.These women only coaches travel nearly empty & men are squeezed  in non-reserved compartments.

Also,read the news of the links below....

When I was waiting in men's sleeper class waiting hall of the railways, I found some women in there because they wanted to stay with the male members of their families. No one complains. It seems like only men think for women's convenience.
Men are not bad . Only the actions & demands of feminists project men as bad . So, next time when feminists speak about men as aggressors and spread misandry to the society, don't believe them because we all know that men are good.

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