Monday, 3 January 2011


Even after knowing all these things, if a man keeps his mouth shut for whatever reason , then I feel ashamed of  being such a  man . Wake up the time is not so far when you all will realize what this weird man is telling you all about.

1)         Since, women are always smarter than men, you can notice how very cleverly, they attract the society's mindset in favour of women. They never loose any chance to raise women's issues and in the process suppress men's issues. As for example in the coming Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill(2010) women not only demand protection for women , they also protested against men having same protection for men against women. This indirectly means women will be able to sexually harass men without any penalty .


Modern women seem to forget who made the environment safer for women to work   today. Aren't they  the men ? Then how can they demand a biased Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill (SHWB 2010) by neglecting men. Shouldn't the bill be made gender neutral to provide men also a safer environment to work ?

2)         Since time immemorial ,women are seen as assets which need to be protected by men. In this process today men have become UNPAID BODYGUARDs and FREE ATM MACHINEs for their families. Today in India, married men are committing suicide at nearly double the rate of married women. But no one cares because Mother Nature has produced males in abundance (Sex ratio of males is higher than women). One lakh seventy thousand (NRCB data) husbands committed suicide in last 12 years(1996-2008)directly due to domestic violence but no one cares ! One married man commits suicide every 9.42 minutes.
Still in India domestic violence laws are pro- women & not gender neutral.
3)         Earlier our environment was not safer for women to come out and work.  Men made that environment safer for women to come out and work.In the past many men died in search of safe environment for mankind to live. But today almost all working women seek   husbands or boyfriends whose income is at least more than hers. Why such double standards ? Why they can't take the responsibility of running a house's expenses all like a man ? Today we do not see any house-husbands and the blame for this should go to women because whenever they get that chance to make house husbands, they always dump those husbands and seek husband earning more money.

These are not all inclusive , there are many such instances like false rape cases ,false molestation cases ,false dowry harassment cases ,false domestic violence cases etc. etc. against males. Being a man, I feel its my duty to raise  questions against such injustice and  the very  question comes to my mind "Are modern women becoming selfish ?"

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