Sunday, 26 December 2010

Google ups Bonus for Browser Security Bug Higher than Mozilla

In order to attract more "bored hackers" and "software genius", Google has just announced a new step. Google increased bonus to 3133.70 U.S. dollars for browser security bug for those who discover security problems or other bug in Chrome browser. As we know, Google's security bug bonus plan is justfollowed after the Mozilla. Mozilla had upgraded award amount to 3000 U.S. dollars.

A few days ago, Mozilla updated their security bug award program, to reward who find out bug of Firefox browser, Desktop, Thunderbird e-mail client, and mobile version of Firefox browser and other software. This is paid close attention for a huge increase over the previous bonus.

Faced with the rich Google, Mozilla Corporation will just be ordinary well-off homes, since Google ups highest reward amount to 3133.70 U.S. dollars for Chrome security flaws. However, this requires users to report vulnerabilities achieve "critical" level. Of course, it's fact that users find it more difficult to discover serious bug. Google is still pay 500 dollars bonus for general security flaw ,but for the expert who occasionally earn some money is pretty good income.


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