Sunday, 26 December 2010

Gmail voice calls 24 hours up to 1 million times

Google said today, the call number has reached one million after Gmail free voice service was launched less than 24 hours.On August 25, 2010, Google launched mail Internet telephone service. User can make calls directly from not only Gmail inbox, but contacts.

In order to enjoy this service, users should download and install plug-in of Google Talk, which supported operating system of Windows, Mac and Linux. U.S. Gmail users can not only make free calls directly from the Gmail interface within the United States and Canada, but make international calls with 0.02 U.S. dollars per minute. Google plans to popularize this service to other countries all over the world in next few days. Besides, Google Apps account users can not currently use the service.

If the user has already been the Google Voice user, so when he makes a call by Gmail, the number of Google Voice will be shown. At the same time, users can select answer the calls by Google Voice. Before that, Gmail users can already make Internet phone calls and video calls. The newly added VoIP services and the concordance with Google Voice make this service more useful. With the VOIP function, Gmail has increasingly developed into a full-featured communication tool.


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