Saturday, 25 December 2010

Editor's review - Kingsoft Office 2010

Kingsoft Office 2010 is an office suite that offers multi features. It carries many functions to help you deliver professional documents for your office, school and home needs. Actually, I am using it now as I write this review, it has same look and feel and same document formats as Microsoft Office, as an original Microsoft Office user, I am strongly surprised that many features work exactly the same way as Microsoft Office, it requires no re-training!

Kingsoft Office supports for all Microsoft Office document formats, even the latest Microsoft Office 2007/2010 formats (.DOCX, .XLSX, and .PPTX), allows you to maintain compatibility and save a fortune. Plus it can also export to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) directly from any application. Convert documents, spreadsheets and presentations into this widely accepted format for quick and easy online distribution, and the Google Search Toolbar provides one-click Internet search capabilities directly within each application.

Kingsoft Office provides three essential and full featured office applications, including Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Presentation are designed with the familiar Microsoft Office 2003 user interface and functionality.

Kingsoft Writer 2010

Kingsoft Writer offers multi-features for office users and it has the exactly same look and feel as Microsoft word. It carries a complete menu in context to help you create business and professional documents. With the standout strong compatibility, you are able to open, view and edit your documents with various file formats including the latest Microsoft Office 2010 file formats (.DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX).

You will find Kingsoft Writer a convenient tool to share your documents with others who are using different office productivity software. Besides, other features of Kingsoft Writer may interest you: a new core of engine is incorporated so as to help you to make your document more flexible, efficient and compatible; you can use multiple-language support to edit and display your documents; a cross-references function and a number of text effects are also installed for you, you are able to shadow, outline, emboss, engrave …… It's very easy for you to handle in the operation of the "Column Drag" and "prompting in a dashed line", optimized efficiency of copying and pasting a table, copying and filing, data dragging and adding more columns. 

Kingsoft Presentation 2010

Kingsoft Presentation 2010 is an incredible tool that helps you to prepare an impressive speech, business proposal or demonstration. It offers a variety of slide templates and slide masters to let you have more flexibility to create a vivid, multimedia and highly compatible slide show documents. The colorful templates are so flexible that you tailor your needs to make your slides presentable and most importantly impressive to viewers. You can see the slide shows on two separate monitors simultaneously by using "Double Screen Extended Mode", a built-in "Exporting" feature will allow your presentation burnt on CDs, and you can also save all the slides in the computer the same as you save your photographs and pictures.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2010

Kingsoft Spreadsheet 2010 is another very efficient and flexible office tool. You can make use of the multi-functions that Spreadsheets offers to help you manage, analyze and calculate data in an incredible speed. The user-friendly formula display proves to be very efficient. You can easily organize your data in a matter of seconds by using tables and you resize them whenever you need as well. The data calculation feature is very powerful and efficient, it will help you to analyze and calculate your data with ease.

You are relieved to know that there is additional support for your data update and you can import external data without any problems. Kingsoft Spreadsheets provide you four types of encryption; any sensitive data can be encrypted with RC4 encryption. You are assured of the security because nobody is able to get access to your data unless someone has your password. It's very easy for you to use Spreadsheets, with minor modification; you can easily apply OLE/COM/ActiveX for the usage of identical scripts.


With a download size of less than 60MB, this is the smallest and fastest Microsoft Office alternative on the market, perfect for any netbook or laptop installations. Any organization can significantly save their deployment cost with this product and benefit from the minimal system requirements.

Microsoft's Office 2007 and 2010 have attracted praise for their "ribbon" interface, but not everyone gets along with the new design. If that's you, Kingsoft Office 2010 could be the answer: it includes all the features you'd expect within a traditional interface

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