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Express Companies: Chokehold for China’s Online Shopping

Since the day was born in China, online shopping was widely accepted by the people, and years after years, it's become more and more popular. PaiPai (powered by Tencent), Joyo Amazon, Jingdong Mall, Vancl, Dangdang…… A series of online shopping websites suddenly popped up from nowhere, B2C or C2C, they finally become a part of people's lives and hot issues.

Without a doubt, online shopping provides a more convenient way to buy things, a more efficient way to make small business, and because of those B2C online shopping websites, you don't have to go to local electric appliance store anymore, you can choose Joyo Amazon, they will directly deliver to your home, or wherever you are, credit card is also acceptable; no time for shopping, but you want some gorgeous and beautyful clothes? No more hanging on the street, no more closet watch, just by logging on (B2C) or (C2C, B2C), you have what you want. Utile now, you would finally realise, I mean if you were a online shopping rookie, that express companies played a very important role in the shopping process, sometimes you will pay more attentions on them than merchandise itselves. No, this article is not about online shopping, not even close, it is about the pain in the ass during the process, the express companies. And yes, they definitely make you suffer, sometimes.

Technically speaking, online shopping gave birth to most of express companies in China. Because there were originally just couple of companies on the road, including Federal Express, State-owned China Post's EMS, and Sagawa Express from Japan, they covered almost all express business before there were online shopping. China's express business were actually breaking out among people, Taobao's appearance created a requirement for the express, then dozens of express companies were founded in one night, like Shunfeng, Yuantong, Shentong, Zhongtong, ZJS Express, Yunda, Huitong, Tiantian…… Those companies were made by ordinary people who serve for the ordinary ones, have become the main power of China's online shopping, which means, you will deal with one of these companies during the process.

Maybe just because those companies were founded by ordinary people, employees are less educated, they are not able to normalize their systems and services. Express companies should be known as "fast", but more and more express companies are accused of transport overtime, 5km –distance takes 4 days, 2-bus-stop-distance wastes a whole week….. things always happen. According to investigation, because Beijing city-wide express delivery's bad timeliness, "city-wide" has become meaningless. Express company explained, that because of increasing number of users, and fuel price hike, the employees are not able to deal with all deliveries, even work over time. It's not their fault. "Staff working for delivery companies work very hard, but are paid very little, that is not a secret." Said an express company spokeman. Mr Lin, a staff of express company also confirmed the truth: his base salary is only RMB600, plus 10% bonus payment of total amount of delivery, it's about RMB3000-4000 for a month, but the work load is heavy. The staffs send deliveries in the morning, afternoon is for picking up, "because there are no benefits for 'sending', so I must stop sending to pick up at noon, for a better pay off. If I couldn't send all deliveries that day, those have to be delayed for tomorrow."

So that is the basic reason cause consumers' discontents and complaints, the express companies make short-distance delivery delayed, and consumers have to wait much longer than usual, endure the whole process, online shopping has become a very unhappy experience. And for those private-owned express companies, it's very hard for you to check the status of you delivery, contact with your postman, or sue a compliant. Their call center might not to provide the phone number of the postman, or you have the number; but the postman wouldn't pick up the phone, or answer the phone with an impatient attitude. This will happen when you want to change the address, or you need to leave the location for a while. If you can't contact with the postman, well, it has to be sent next day.

According to Tencent Technology's investigation, 89.59% of online shopping consumers have the above-mentioned experience, randomly check on the B2C online shopping websites in China, countless consumers sue complaints against the express companies, if someone ask those consumers, will you go online shopping next time? I bet most of answers are "no", because they can not stand the torment anymore, not because they are not content with the sellers. Express "kills" those consumer from online shopping.The express companies now have seriously broken the balance of B2C and C2C online shopping market, has become the obstacle for the development of online shopping, just like a chokehold on the throat.

The problem needs to be solved, and the express companies need to strengthen their management, to make it normalize. Just like Joyo Amazon, one of the biggest B2C online shopping websites in China, which perfectly inherits Amazon's advanced management, has its own professional express team. Being different from those above-mentioned express companies, Joyo Amazon's express has strict management, perfect system and good service. It's very easy for you to check the status of your delivery, or contact with your postman. Normally, your delivery will ship on next day, at the very most, it will not take more than two days. The postman will even take POS machine to your house, credit card is also acceptable in arrive-and-pay mode. Most importantly, Joyo's call-center provide an extraordinary service, you can get any imformation you need. Joyo Amazon's express offers a standard to this industry, and re-define the image of express company in China. Besides, Federal Express, Shunfeng and EMS are also good at what they do, but they are not widely used for Taobao, due to the higher shipment fee.

Now we can see, the importance of express company, it's a part of industry chain, and it directly effects consumer's behavior: will you buy something online next time? But to consumate a system, is not in a day, although Joyo Amazon has provided a standard. The current situation is, most of private-owned express companies can't have what Joyo Amazon do, if they want to survive in this market, they must upgrade their service quality. Some say higher shipment fee make a better service, but I think it's no use if the service would not be accepted by the sellers, only cheap and fine survive. Private-owned express companies in China still have a long way to go, they needs to continually compete their systems, no more being obstacle for the development of online shopping.


Do not let them grab your balls cores!

Enough playing around, there is no place for relaxation and merry making – as in fresh shooter "RED STORM DEFENCE" you have four cores! And you must protect them from hordes of incoming mechanical monsters. The steel beasts try to invade your home nest to steal four red energy cores. Because those cores are peculiar – they are glowing red and attract monsters attention.

Your objective – build defensive turrets to keep the cores untouched. Layout of every level offers various sets of "landscape" and monsters respawn gates. You should choose your strategy according to different elements of level (impregnable columns, fathomless pits) and the gates monsters comes in. Also take into account position of the cores – try to make the way to them as long as possible from any gate. That will be your guarantee of success. As you have more time to stop monsters waves with longer labyrinth of defensive turrets. While effectively using level "landscape" keep in mind that 1 square wide passage must be available for monsters to reach your cores.

There are four types of defensive turrets at your disposal:

- Light AC Tower (cheap way to build long labyrinth defence)

- Light Laser Tower (slows down monsters)

- Light Missile Tower (fires missiles that inflict critical damage)

- Light Artillery Tower (fires with shells that stun monsters) 

The turrets are exquisitely balanced in price/damage. Therefore you can try various combinations of defence tactics. Every successful defence of new level gives you 3 Skill Points, every next victory on this level gives you only 1 point. We would advise you to spend them immediately at improvements of turrets of any type. The tree of skills is thoughtfully managed in the way when more powerful skills become available eventually. Also you can focus on improving only specific favourite type of turrets that you use mostly. Otherwise you can easily reset all you Skill Points any time you wish.

Rewards will strengthen your robot are of great help in your defence actions. Sometimes it's better to slow down your progress through the game to beat again some previous levels and get good reward. It will help you keep successful pace on tough higher levels.

On one hand you get "upgrade points" that you earn for terminating monsters and spend within one level for purchasing and upgrading turrets. On the other hand you can save up certain amount of "upgrade point" for buying special items and weapons for your mech warrior. Your hero can get better weapons (for each of his three slots) and buy some damage increasing mods as well. We would hint you to drop into the "Hangar" every time you get new odd level (3, 5, 7…) There you'll surely find some new destructive toys that monsters dislike but you fall in love firing with them!

As usual, controls are easy, graphics and visuals are detailed, perfectly accompanied by encouraging music and sound effects. We wish you exciting defence battles for all 15 levels of the game "RED STORM DEFENCE" by Badim (

We recommend playing the game:

- to those who enjoy "tower defence" and "shooter" engaging combinations

- to fans of the series about our old buddy mech "Red October" and his perpetual struggle with monsters

- to office boys and girls that have 10-15 minute break (and no solitaire, please)

- to those gamer that love to reset skills and try them in various challenges

Our remarks:

- sometimes it is possible to put your turret right in front of the gate where monsters come from. In this case you can hit them, fire on them and they turn back and run away. This cheat help a lot on the levels with 4 monster gates.

Our rating: 8,5/10


Facts which are considered to select Document Management Software

To take care of a large numbers of documents in a networking system,Document management software (DMS) should think about an essential investment for any kinds of business. This software is allowed to functioning business more effectively, protecting staff time and creating a document flow that works well harmoniously with the machines that you run and network within your business. Several companies are focusing on creating DMS suitable for all sorts of reasons, including the creation of digital archives, remote web use of documents as well as networking support.

DMS has abilities of transforming your paper documents into digital versions are manifold and can include more convenient storage; simpler records; accessibility across your company; the networked sharing of strategy to further improve transmission; and efficiency within your business. So, a scanner together with document management software is required in order to generate an electronic document archive. The archive is created from the scanning of paper documents, along with your DMS then enabling you to store these documents over a hard drive or disk, as you choose.

Different types of software, offering up a multitude of alternatives, however and primarily you may need to discover the goals you actually needs.

You should identify the requirement. These could considered, but unlimited to - numbers of peoples those will use the software, how granular do you want to maintain assigning numbers of document accessibility, and a few of the document management features that you would like to have and what exactly are those that you need. Common features for document management software have the capability to 'tag' several types of documents in logical groupings, determine whether someone can read a document or otherwise and create an approval chain in the event that somebody would like to change the document. 

Identify exactly what your calculating environment is and evaluate against prospectivedocument management software functions you want to consider. Introducing a application that may be Linux-based in an all Windows operating atmosphere might be challenging.

Determine your business' work flow too. If the DMS is just not customizable in conflict with how your business manages document work flow, that software may not be for you.

Needless to say, there are actually then also technical considerations, like the current specification of your network functionality and any existing scanning machinery you have. Based upon on the size of your organization, it can be a good option to pool options and skills to create a Document management software requirements list, while you will need to think about administrative, technical and, possibly, legal needs prior to going ahead and make your new electronic archive.


Social Bookmarking Websites: Stepping from peaks to troughs

During the past week, rumors that was planning to kill off Delicious, one of the most famous social bookmarking website Yahoo acquired in 2005 has been reported by lots of media. A slide from a Yahoo meeting was leaked and it showed that Yahoo was calling "sunset" on Delicious. Now, people would like to know how does the ever "sunrise" social bookmarking websites drop to the troughs.

Coincidently, just 2 months ago, another popular social bookmarking website called Xmarks declared in its blog that they would be shutting down at the end of 2010. Compared with 5 year ago. It seemed that social bookmark service is in the lowest point now.

Birth of social bookmarking websites

According to, The concept of shared online bookmarks dates back to April 1996 with the launch of itList, the features of which included public and private bookmarks. Within the next three years, online bookmark services became competitive, with venture-backed companies such as Backflip, Blink, Clip2, ClickMarks, HotLinks, and others entering the market.

They provided folders for organizing bookmarks, and some services automatically sorted bookmarks into folders (with varying degrees of accuracy). Blink included browser buttons for saving bookmarks; Backflip enabled users to email their bookmarks to others and displayed "Backflip this page" buttons on partner websites. Lacking viable revenue models, this early generation of social bookmarking companies failed as the dot-com bubble burst.

In this stage, the popularity of internet is far behind nowadays and the concept of social bookmark is somewhat ahead of the times. During web 1.0 period, the influence of any social media is very limited for ordinary users are not getting used to participate in online social activities at that time. Thus, social bookmarkrking websites can't achieve great success at their first stage. 

Booming stage and peaks

The year of 2003-2005 is a period that of great importance to the IT field. The term Web 2.0 has become popular during this time and generally reported by all kinds of media. Finally the users have accepted the concept and begin to love visiting Web 2.0 sites. As a inevitable part of the social media, CEOs of social bookmarking websites has seized the chance, leading their company into the booming stage.


The precursor to Delicious was Muxway, a link blog that had grown out of a text file. In September 2003, the founder Schachter released the first version of Delicious. It uses a non-hierarchical classification system in which users can tag each of their bookmarks with freely chosen index terms. As one of the most popular social bookmarking services, Delicious has its own features including: website's intuitive interface, , a novel domain name, a simple API design, and RSS feeds for web syndication. All of these factors has been welcomed by the users and Delicious begin to earn honor and money.

In April 2005, Delicious received approximately $2 million in funding from investors including Union Square Ventures and It was acquired by Yahoo on December2005 with a possible price between US$15 million and US$30 million. To a certain extent, the acquisition marks the peak of Delicious.


Reddit is another type of social bookmarking sites that mainly focus on news. In this website, users can browse and have the option to submit links to content on the Internet Other users may then vote the posted links "up" or "down" with the most successful links gaining prominence by reaching the front page.

Since it was found in 2005, Reddit has been popular rapidly and attract a group of honest users. The outstanding performance of Reddit has aroused the interests of many media companies. In the next year, Wired Magazine acquired Reddit on October 31.

Digg is a social bookmarking site that similar with Reddit. It was started out as an experiment in November 2004. The original design was free of advertisements as Digg became more popular, Google AdSense was added to the website. In July 2005, the site was updated to Version 2.0. The new version featured a friends list, the ability to "digg" a story without being redirected to a success page.

On June 26, 2006 version 3 of Digg was released with specific categories for Technology, Science, World & Business, Videos, Entertainment and Gaming as well as a View All section where all categories are merged. Digg has grown large enough that submissions sometimes create a sudden increase of traffic to the "dugg" website. According to a survey in 2008, The domain "" attracted at least 236 million visitors annually.

However, Different from Delicious and Reddit who sold themselves at their peaks, Digg has missed the best chance for sale that Google has offered approximately $200 million in 2008. As a result, Digg entered into a third round of funding, receiving $28.7 million from investors.

Troughs of social bookmarking websites

In the recent 2-3 years, the trend of social bookmarking sites is declining compared with their peaks stage. Back to beginning of the passage, Delicious is said to be shut down or sold to another company and Xmarks might already got closed when you read this article.

In the Alexa US traffic Rank, You can't even find one social bookmarking site in TOP 50 list. The highest rank of them is No. 72, and then NO. 83, StumbleUpon No.88. In a sharp contrast, Other social media service has seized the top position in the list: No.2 Facebook, No.4 Youtube, No.8 Twitter, No 14 Linkedin.

One of the main reasons that lead to the troughs of social bookmarking sites is without a possible profit model. Although leading sites like Delicious can attract millions of users, they can't earn money in a short term. There is no specific methods for most of operating team to find a solution to continuously make profit.

Another reason is that the competition from other social media services. In the past a few years, Facebook and Twitter have been so popular all over the world that hundred millions of users already gotten used to visiting them everyday. With such a huge group of users, Facebook and Twitter have developed a series of customized services for their sites and social bookmarking sites have fallen into the victims of it.

Facebook allows users to share the article links and abstract in lots of websites they visit. It's very convenient that just clicking the sharing button is ok. For Twitter users, they can share links through simple 140 characters tweet or retweet the messages that they follow. Both of these design in Facebook and Twitter have somewhat take place of the function of social bookmarking sites. Thus, people are gradually getting away from sites like Delicious and directly caused the slump of social bookmarking sites.

Future is a great challenge

The "social" aspect of social bookmarking sites is gradually lost with more and more users getting away. In this past, they have been useful for driving traffic and building backlinks to websites. Nowadays, social bookmarking sites still can bring a considerable amount of traffic to your site as long as your content is remarkable. However, they are losing the SEO power they once had.

In the future, most of social bookmarking sites are also faced with the issues of lacking of profit model. With the fierce competition from other social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, the future of social bookmarking sites will be full of challenges. They have a long way to go for returning to their peak stage in several year ago.

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Italian Soccer Fans

Italian police demonstrates weapons confiscated from fans in Rome after the local derby Roma – Lazio. These fans are dangerous. 


Monday, 27 December 2010

Hilary Rhoda Harper’s Bazaar Russia Photoshoot


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Ashley Greene Sizzles in Cosmopolitan USA (January 2011)

Ashley Greene – Cosmopolitan USA (January 2011). Ashley Greene Features On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan Magazine USA Edition For The Month Of January 2011.


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The new version of iTunes

The most popular media player iTunes is updated to iTunes is free program for Mac and PC. It enables organizing digital media collection on your computer, listening to music and watching video. It will also help to synchronize all files on the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. You don't have to go over CDs or switch the channels any more, just come up to the computer and switch on iTunes. The whole your collection is kept in media library where you can easily organize it, quickly find or play the needed file.
What is new in iTunes
* Sync with iPad added: music, video, TV shows and books;
* Possibility to organize and sync books you've downloaded from iBooks on iPad or added to your iTunes library;
* Full-fledged Genius Mixes control added, now you can rename, rearrange, or remove them;
* In the bookmark 'View' for connected iPad, iPhone or iPod there appeared new option to convert high-fidelity records into 128 Kbit/sec AAC with synchronization on the uptake

Update your iTunes for Mac and PC on Brothersoft!

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Kiki kang harpers bazaar photoshoot


Microsoft Windows 7's Success Should Thank Apple

A recent survey from "PC World" report found that more than half of the software developers have been developing applications for the Windows 7,and 80% of the developers will do so within the next year. A ironic that Microsoft should be grateful to Apple in attracting developer interest in the new operating system. Embarcadero Technologies said "Spurred in part by the rising popularity of Windows 7 features like Touch and Multi-Touch technology, more software developers are developing applications for", which survey of 606 developers, architects and analysts in May.

Embarcadero said, Even Microsoft's Tablet PC to market has blocked, Apple iPhone and iPad or successfully promote touch-based technologies now available in Windows 7. Report from Embarcadero said, "When asked which Windows 7 features they are most excited about integrating into their applications, nearly 40% said Touch, Multi-touch and gestures input, while 27% said enhanced graphics, animations and Windows Imaging Component, and 24% said ribbon controls," The popularity will soon become indisputable in developers.

The finding suggests customers' enthusiasm have toward Windows 7, especially compared to the defeat in the Microsoft Vista system. But Steve Jobs is producing iPhones with faulty antennas, Windows 7 is able to sell at least 7 copies per second. Since the success of Windows 7, Microsoft's customer satisfaction rose to a new high in recent years. However, for Windows 7 is not the end of the game, after all, Vista was a hot seller when it first came out.Now Microsoft has to capitalize on this early success on Windows 7.


Microsoft to Release Windows 7 SP1 in 1H 2011

When Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to SP1 will be released is a topic of concern for those who plan to upgrade their windows. Microsoft released a public beta of SP1 last week, which using the internal test mode. Although Microsoft has said repeatedly that users can deploy the new system no need to wait for SP1. Microsoft published a FAQ at TechNet, made it clear that SP1 will be released in 1H 2011.

Microsoft has said many times, Windows 7 SP1 does not add new features, and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 only adds two virtual functions. In fact, Windows 7 SP1 includes a number of Microsoft Windows updates and new functions that security patches didn't provide. But Microsoft called the function "improvements" rather than new features. These features "improvements" includes more third-party services to support and enhance the HDMI audio device support, and XPS printing support.

The Excited Sales News for Microsoft Win7

Microsoft released fourth-quarter Financial reports, said that the sales of Win7 is more than 175 million copies In just 9 months, making it the fastest-selling operating system ever. Official Windows 7 was released on October 22nd last year. Just released, the sales rate reached 234 percent of Vista, and market share came up to 10 percent in February this year. Microsoft announced that Windows 7 had reached 150 million copies sold, that's to say 7 copies per second.

We know that 175 million copies is amazing figure, average monthly sales of Windows 7 up to nearly 20 million copies. Strong growth in sales of Windows 7 indicates that the desktop will not be out shortly. And Microsoft has confirmed that the open the new promotional slogans to promote Windows 7, nameed "Be what's next."


Virtualize Your PC with Paragon Go Virtual

Are you looking for an easier way to virtualize your PC? Paragon Go Virtual is the answer to many customers looking for an easy way to virtualize their PC. Let's enjoy the benefits of virtualization without being too technical and for free!

Paragon Go Virtual can help we clone down the complete computer operating environment we use currently, and the selection of the backup file into Virtual PC, VMWare or Virtual Box virtual computer software and other kinds of proprietary formats. So we all got out in the other a simulated computer environment, using your original operating system, software and operating environment.

Before you install Paragon Go Virtual, you must register to obtain the software free serial number as it's free, click "Get Free Serial" button to open the registration page and serial number can be obtained free of charge


Windows 7 64-bit Become The Most Popular Operate System in Steam Ranking

As we know Steam OS ranking is different from other data analysis companies because Steam stands for game player's point of view. The latest data report shows that, Windows 7 64 bit is the most popular player system, share of 30.32 percent, that's to say it increases 3.67 percent from last month. Second place is "old" Windows XP 32bit, still 30.17 percent share. And 32-bit Windows 7 is only 11.54 percent of the players favor.

Mac OS also have considerable gains in this list, both version 10.6.3 and version10.5.8 are in the ranking, but the share is much less than Windows.


Microsoft to Improve Windows 8 Voice Control Function

According to some reports, Microsoft's Windows group is stepping up development of the company's next-generation operating system Windows 8, and planning to substantial improvements. As we all know, compared to Windows Vista, Windows 7 is not lot of change, but made improvements in performance, security, simplified features. A few days ago, Microsoft said they will release a significant update Windows 8, which means there will be a substantial improvement.

In accordance with Microsoft's plans, Windows 8 will be officially released in 2012, which will include features of "face recognition login", "a key to restore the backup", "Windows Store App Store", and so on. No doubt, in addition to these features, the Microsoft Windows 8 will improve the natural user interface (NUI) synchronously. The multi-touch technology is only a part of Windows NUI, which also includes voice recognition capabilities.

In Microsoft Windows 7 also provides a complete voice recognition feature, users can completely control the computer by voice, of course, we can use touch and voice operations. Let's look forward to the new Windows 8, to enjoy the perfect voice control function out of the traditional PC experience.