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✿ 10 Most Uncomfortable Movie SEX SCENES ✿

Take a look back at 10 of the most extreme and uncomfortable movie sex scenes.

A History of Violence

David Cronenberg's experiment juxtaposes wholesome Americana with seedy violence lurking just beneath the surface. 
At the center are Tom (Viggo Mortensen) and Edie (Maria Bello), a loving married couple who try to keep sex playful and innocent. 
Edie dresses up like a cheerleader, bringing to the bedroom all the silliness of high school. Later, they enter far darker territory, 
in a ferocious and unpredictable staircase sex scene that underlines many of the film's major themes. 
It's here where sex in the suburbs takes a turn for the creepy.

Requiem For a Dream

This brutal film follows several New Yorkers as they plummet into the depths of drug addiction. And yet for all the amputations and drug busts, 
there is no scene more haunting than that of a gorgeous Jennifer Connelly reduced to prostituting herself in exchange for her fix. 
The disturbing public performance that happens for a crowd of sneering, slimy businessmen led director Darren Aronofsky 
to release the film unrated—rather than accept an NC-17 rating.

Lust, Caution

The lust builds up for some time in Ang Lee's romance before the older man and younger woman throw caution to the wind, jump into bed together 
and contort themselves into various positions. Halfway through their romp, the man gets a curious look in his eyes. His face grows 
serious as he starts to take control, twisting his partner's body into positions that don't look very fun. The action veers 
quickly from steamy to squirm-inducing—the kind of heated, borderline-violent sex scene that earns its NC-17 rating

Last Tango in Paris

Sex on the silver screen rarely strives for realism. Through the fog of passion, two lovers roll around under the sheets, 
their moment of ecstasy rendered almost incomprehensible through jumpy editing and swirling cameras. 
So imagine the surprise of audiences when Marlon Brando tells Maria Schneider to fetch a stick of butter 
and proceeds to smear it on his hands before getting down to business. As sex scenes go, 
this is just about as procedural as it gets—TMI on a blockbuster scale.

The Brown Bunny

In and of itself, what happens between a man and a woman at the end of "The Brown Bunny" is not inherently shocking. 
After all this is the post-Clinton era. But what made filmmaker-star Vincent Gallo's indie infamous was timing and proximity. 
After wandering the highways for what seems like 15 aimless hours, cross-country driver Gallo finally winds up at a hotel,
launching into a sex scene with Chloe Sevigny with little pomp or circumstance. After all that 
time looking at the horizon down the road, we get a hardcore close-up we could have done without

Young Adam

This dark Euro-indie takes lewd food behavior to a whole new level. Ewan McGregor stars as a young drifter with some serious
anger management issues. In one scene, his pseudo-girlfriend (Emily Mortimer) arrives home and expresses outrage that all 
he's made for dinner is a bowl of ice cream. He throws the food at her, and they go at it as he slathers her body in 
an array of meats, sauces and liquids. It's not only disturbing sex, but a 
horrifying act of domination, with food in the place of a b*****ng iron.


"It's turkey time. Gobble gobble." That's the infamous dialogue that doomed "Gigli" from the outset—critics quoted the bizarre
come-on weeks before opening day. How can you resist mocking the nutty story of a lesbian con woman (Jennifer Lopez) 
and the hit-man (Ben Affleck) who loves her bonding over the kidnapping of a mentally-challenged young man? 
When Lopez finally gives in to Affleck's advances, she coaxes him by stripping down and unleashing that
thoroughly incoherent mating call for the ages. We really hope they didn't rehearse it at home.


Here's a sex scene that isn't dirty so much as logistically improbable. Stripper/Las Vegas dancer Nomi Malone 
(Elizabeth Berkley, ditching her squeaky-clean "Saved By the Bell" rep) has her sights set on a powerful player 
(Kyle MacLachlan, no stranger to kinkiness from his work in David Lynch's classic "Blue Velvet"). 
When the two get down to business in a swimming pool, she straddles him against the wall 
and takes charge of the situation. Her ecstasy is so extreme it tosses up a tidal wave of surf, 
and induces more giggles than thrills.

"Bad Santa"

In Terry Zwigoff's dark comedy, Billy Bob Thornton stars as an apathetic, alcoholic mall Santa whose concerns are limited to 
booze and sleep. Then he meets a smirking bartender (Lauren Graham), who admits that she's had a Santa fetish all her life. 
Cut to the hot tub as a drunken and confused Kris Kringle is smothered by a giggling barmaid. 
Never has Christmas felt so dirty.
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When "Antichrist," the new film from director Lars Von Trier ("Breaking the Waves," "Dancer in the Dark"), premiered at Cannes, 
it sent critics and audiences stumbling out of the theater in shock. The graphically violent, sexually explicit psychological thriller 
has been the talk of arty film circles ever since. 

Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg star as a couple grieving the death of their child, but one of the film's biggest draws will be its 
out-there sex—which happens in a shower, in a bedroom and outside on the ground as body parts appear in the background 
(yeah, the movie is freaky). Both actors appear nude and some of the most explicit shots were filmed with stand-ins.

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