Monday, 22 February 2010

Some Tips of Using Google Chrome

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It has come to light that Google Chrome is a very compact web browser, It launches fast and can load pages fast. Google Chrome has none toolbar as other browsers, but almost every function from toolbar can be launched by a single click. Here are some tips of using Google Chrome.

1 Chrome is of multi-process design, every page you opened runs a single process. That’s different from Firefox. The advantage of this design is that, if one of your pages breaks down, other pages will go smoothly, and you don’t need to close the entire browser, you can just close the right process of this page. If the same thing happened to Firefox, you must close all the tabs.

For this function, Chrome has a process manager. Click the page button and choose "Developer", then select "Task Manager". You’ll see how many resources are being consumed by a particular browser tab, including extensions you have installed. You can close any one of these tabs seperately.

You can click "Stats for nerds" here to see the detail of memory occupying.

It's very useful to end the page processes seperately, but to achive this function, there is no sharing going on between differenet tabs and it won’t reuse any code between tabs, this will increase the memory consumption to some degree. Read the rest of this entry »

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