Monday, 22 February 2010

Enhance Right Menu for WinRAR - Self-extracting and Compress

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We have know how to add a "Extract to higher folder" menu to right mene of WinRAR, It's so convenient, isn't it? We can add other menus we like to the right menu, too.

Sself-extracting file in EXE format is one of the favorate files for rookies, we can extract these files without any compression software. But unfortunately, almost all the file we downloaded from the Internet is of RAR or ZIP format. So, we can add such a right menu to convert their format, and next time we can doublle click the files to extract them.

Click Start menu and select "Run", enter "Regedit" to open the registry editor. Navigate to "KEY_CLASSES_ROOT/WinRAR/shell" , right click the shell menu and select New -> Key to create a new Kew under shell item, named it "Convert to self-extracting file".

Now right click on the new key and select New -> Key to create a "subkey" of the key we just created, rename this subkey "command" . Double click on the "Default" item in the right hand window and this brings up an Edit window which is used to set the default value. Enter ""C:Program FilesWinRARWinrar.exe" s -ibck -y "%1"" in the window (not include the double quotation marks outside), note that "C:Program FilesWinRARWinrar.exe" is the menu of WinRAR in my computer, you must change it to yours. Read the rest of this entry »

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